Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's A Girl!!!! :)

Hey everyone! I went to the dr. yesterday to get my ultrasound and we found out that we are having a beautiful baby girl! ya'ay! Anthony and I have decided on naming her Aryelle Nicole. I am now 19 weeks along and feel great! I haven't thrown up at all through my whole pregnancy. Sorry, its been a while since I blogged...its just that I am obviously not very good at journaling. I have a pretty normal boring life and not much is going that's why I don't blog much lol. Anyway I love and miss all of you! Anthony and I will be going with mom and dad to Logan on the 30th of this month to grandpa's birthday gathering, so you guys will get to meet my husband and I hope I get to see all of you there. It was very nice seeing Willy and Audrey as well as Matt yesterday. I have pictures posted on facebook of my ultrasound, so feel free to go check those out and leave comments! :) I love all of you and can't wait to see you all soon! Thanks for being my family!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My First Post...

Hey everyone! I am sorry its been quite awhile since I've been on here. As you can see in the picture above, This is my husband Anthony! We got married on December 31, 2010. In this picture, he just enlisted in the Army. He is ordered to be at Basic Training on July 25, 2011 and I am sad because unfortunately he will not be able to be there for the birth of our baby. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and Anthony and I can't wait to be parents to this precious angel. Family....please don't be upset with me because I didn't inform you that I was getting married. We had a simple small wedding at the Church in Northern California and we were married by a bishop. On February 13th, Anthony joined the church and is happy to be a member. We are both working on getting our temple recommend so that one day we can go to the Temple to be married for time and all eternity and at that point, you all are invited to the temple marriage. I hope all of you are doing well in your lives and by creating a blog I hope we can all keep in touch more. I love you all and happy that you are all my family. If you guys haven't looked at my wedding pictures yet, I have them posted on Facebook so take a look and leave comments please! :)